Certificat CE eau à entraînement magnétique Pompe MP-100R 220V / 50Hz Excellente performance pour supporter la corrosion pour liquide chimique / utilisé dans Liquid Chemical / Industrie Pharmaceutique / électrique Plate / Photo / Photo Processing / Electric Appliance / Industrie Métal / Industrie minérale / Industrie alimentaire / Industrie médicale et etc Pompes Bassins

Pompes pour Bassins


PRIX: EUR 282,00

Please check the pictures to get details about this product.
For these series pumps,we can provide you 110v or 220v,50hz or 60hz. please send us an email to let us know if you need 110v for the pump.
Product Feature: This Magnetic Drive Circulation Pump is Made by Polypropylene, has an excellent performance to endure the corrosion from chemical liquid, Its applications is very extensive.
Product Purpose :
Chemical Industry; Pharmaceutcals Industry; Electric Plate; Photograph Processing;
Electric Appliance; Metal Industry; Mineral Industry;Food Industry;
Medicine Remedy; Water Treatment; Pollution Controll;
Other Application: Applied in Silver Recycle, Wafer manufacturer,Laboratory-ice making machine,
Drinking Machine, living boiler,Heating exchange machine, solar energy system,dyeing,laser system,
Water spoutig pool, rearing pond fish jar etc.
Passed CE Certificate, safety, low noise,long service life.
It’s a full-sealed Pump with advanced performance and quality.
Excellent resistance for abrasion and corrosion.
Optimum liqud transport pump on the industrial Equipments


Pompes pour bassins d’agrément: Trouver votre pompe à bassin d’agrément.